Manage Sales Channels With Ease

Manage sales channels smarter, not harder, with a fully-customizable ERP that brings limitless possibilities to company growth.
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Daily workflows and opera

Daily workflows and operations shouldn’t pigeonhole you from growth

As an e-commerce expert since 1996, Kalvin Mizzi understood most e-commerce companies couldn’t reach their full growth potential. Smaller retailers lost higher-level staff to tedious channel workflows with an ineffective ERP.

Similarly, e-commerce giants took significant hits with operational costs and labor by expanding too soon.

Manage multi-channel
operations on one platform

Synchronize pricing

Synchronize pricing

Updates tracki

Sales order importing

Effective Amazon FBA management

Effective Amazon FBA management

Effective Amazon

Updates tracking across all sales channels

Main listings

Maintain listing, product, and shipping mappings

Reduce Labor Costs With
Optimized Channel Workflows.

Not only is it complicated to balance the requirements of every sales channel, but it also costs precious time and labor. Enter the modern e-commerce economy of daily task optimization by automating them with You can win the arm’s race of managing the most sales channels with the greatest efficiency on the market.

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Listing<>Product Map

Product Mappings

Inventory Sync



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One Platform to Rule them All. One Platform to Price Them.

Take back control by synchronizing pricing with’s smart automation. With a few clicks, you can customize and assimilate pricing across Amazon, Shopify, and more.
We make it easy with an intelligent operations platform that controls how data transfers from the channel to ERP.

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    Data flow from to sales channel

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    Data flow from sales channel to

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    Turn off data flow between 2 channels completely

Unlimited Sales Channel Integrations

Have you seen our 3rd party integrations? Expand your sales by integrating with as many sales channels or business support softwares as you’d like. And we don’t charge extra for tapping into each sales channel.

 Current Integrations

Future Integrations (coming soon)

<and more on the way/>

Effectively manage Amazon FBA with a powerful integration.

Amazon FBA is one of the most effective ways to explode your sales. However, many sellers shy away from this frustrating process due to lack of an effective tool. Let make your life easier while being able to take advantage of the #1 sales channel in the world.

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Import FBA Orders

Import FBA Orders

Multi-channel fulfillment option

fulfillment option

FBA Warehouse Accounting

FBA Warehouse Accounting

Jump on a Demo to See the Channel Expansion Possibilities

If you’re a sophisticated retailer, our founder would be glad to meet with you personally. He’ll open your e-commerce mind to the limitless possibilities for streamlining and automation in

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