Make smart purchase decisions at the right time

Predict supplier purchases that you will need and manage them from a single platform.
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Purchasing shouldn’t be guesswork when dealing with demand from multiple sales channels.

Most e-commerce companies can’t grow when they keep running into deep levels of slow moving inventory and overselling. Without efficient purchase optimization, you can feel overwhelmed running several channels at once. When our founder took over his brother’s multi-million dollar business, he experienced the same frustrations. He couldn’t continue driving operational costs and labor when the problem fell within clunky purchase workflows. Harnessing the power of automation and data-driven inventory management, Kalvin Mizzi created a way to seamlessly make wise purchases.

Purchase across all channels with automatic insights and supplier communication.

  • Purchase multi-channel

    Manage feeds of supplier inventory

  • Manage supplier purchases

    Manage supplier purchases on a centralized hub

  • Communicate efficiently

    Communicate efficiently with suppliers on Portal

  • No more late shipments

    No more late shipments and overselling

  • Predict new inventory

    Predict new inventory purchases with intelligent forecasting

Create automatic purchase orders when inventory gets too low.

You can learn when product inventory needs replenishing based on’s intelligent forecasting. Then, set up rules to automatically submit purchase orders to your suppliers. We give you the option of sending a PDF or CSV file detailing line-by-line descriptions for fast and clear communication.

Create automatic purchase orders
Update in real time - img

Watch supplier inventory update in real time

You and always know how much product inventory suppliers have at all times by setting up a data feed to retrieve their stock levels. If they aren’t caught up to speed providing inventory feeds to their customers, you can also manage stock levels manually simply by checking each item as “In Stock” or not. opens the possibilities for managing supplier inventory data on a centralized hub. Instead of logging into multiple portals or reading multiple supplier emails, you can track supplier inventory levels in a single platform.

A centralized operations platform allows for smart purchasing.

Accurate knowledge of supplier inventory makes purchasing a seamless process.
Use as your single source of truth for wise purchasing decisions that lead to increased company revenue and growth.



 Current Integrations

Future Integrations (coming soon)

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The most efficient, direct link between you and suppliers. creates a convenient bridge for fast communication with all your suppliers. We make it easy to keep track of activity, including emails, phone notes, and previous purchase orders.

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Inventory Availability

Inventory Availability

Suppliers without automatic feeds can visit the Supplier Portal to update inventory when items are in or out of stock. This keeps your entire team aware of what has left the shelves and when it will return.

Product Data

Product Data

Why hunt down suppliers for actively-changing product data when they can update attributes on their own? helps you and suppliers collaborate to build the best and most current data possible.

Tracking #’s on Purchase Orders

Tracking #’s on
Purchase Orders

Save tremendous amounts of time tracking down info from the supplier when they can type it directly into unshipped purchase orders. Dropshipping creates a time crunch that suppliers can help you meet to improve your brand reputation.

Watch predictive purchasing on a live demo.

Kalvin Mizzi understands you need to see in action to believe in its limitless possibilities. Walking you through smart supplier purchasing, he’ll show you step-by-step how optimized workflows can benefit your company.

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