Make smart, data-driven business decisions for growth.

Supercharge e-commerce growth with data-driven reporting across all channels.
Make Smart Business Decisions
Reporting in multi-channel operations

Reporting in multi-channel operations wasn’t intended to live in spreadsheets.

As a CEO or operations manager, you know the frustration of reporting across every sales channel. It’s a necessary part of e-commerce growth, but manually tracking all the data can be taxing. Not to mention higher operational and labor costs. Our founder went through the same problems in 2008 by throwing people and money at multi-channel reporting. As a result, Kalvin Mizzi became passionate about coding a more efficient way to know which products and channels to invest in.

Automatically expand from reliable reporting across all channels.

  • View inventory
    View inventory and product insights across all channels
  • Customizable data searches
    Customizable data searches and reporting views
  • Selling trends
    Quickly identify sales and profit trends to shift focus when needed
  • Smart channel decisions
    Make smart channel decisions and expand where your customers are
  • Smart channel decisions
    Make smart channel decisions and expand where your customers are
  • Growth margins
    Invest in the products that are the most profitable

Comprehensive reporting for operations

When presents all your inventory insights without filter, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t let multiple channels pigeonhole you into manually tracking data on each system. Synchronize inventory from all sales channels, suppliers, and warehouses on the single source of truth for reliable reporting. You can watch your results change in real-time and gain wisdom from crucial e-commerce metrics.

Comprehensive reporting for all inventory
  • Check
    Inventory Forecasting

    With smart and configurable demand forecasting, you can know what products to invest in to meet customer needs.

  • Check
    Inventory Aging

    Hone in on old stagnant inventory in order to take action to clear up precious cash and avoid inventory that never sells.

  • Check
    Inventory Valuation

    Gain insight on how your inventory valuation changes over time and how to find hte best balance of desired amount of stocking inventory.

Expand wisely with intelligence
from smart reportin and metrics.

Good data leads to good decisions. Steamlines the process of making good decisions by allowing to act as your virtual CFO.

 Current Integrations

Future Integrations (coming soon)

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Supercharge sales with a custom reporting engine.

Supercharge sales with a custom reporting engine. reporting is personalized to your products and business through the flexible reporting engine. It presents powerful product tables you can manipulate for custom insights into your significant context.

For example, search for reliable data sets based on revenue and profit. You also have the option to segment data around product, brand, sales channel, and more.

This provides specific product views that inform strategic channel and product expansion.

It’s easy to see upward e-commerce trajectories on defined timelines with Rather than struggle with manual workflows, choose to automate tedious tasks and run your business by exception.

See the possibilities of automatic reporting.

Open your mind to the limitless possibilities of centralized reporting on a demo. Kalvin Mizzi, the coder and founder of, proves how the platform solves manual reporting issues you’ve struggled with for years.

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