Optimize the Entire Supply Chain at Your Fingertips

Manage inventory, purchasing, returns, and more seamlessly through sku.io.

It’s frustrating to manually run multiple supply chains on separate systems.

When you’re juggling several supply chains at once, channel expansion can be a daunting task. And you don’t have any chance of growing when you keep losing higher-level employees to tedious workflows. Kalvin Mizzi, the founder of sku.io, knew the modern market didn’t allow for manually running supply chains anymore. It didn’t make sense with multi-channel operations.

He dreamed of managing everything on a centralized hub and created an efficient platform to do it. Thus, sku.io was born.

supply chains on separate systems.

Master and expand your
supply chain on a single platform.

  • Manage inventory

    Manage forecasting, purchasing, assembly, delivery, and returns on 1 platform

  • Optimize supply chain

    Optimize supply chain workflows for seamless execution

  • Inform your supply chain

    Forecast inventory needs intelligently with configurable parameters

  • Integrate with unlimited

    Integrate with suppliers via data feeds

  • Integrate with unlimited

    Integrate with suppliers via data feeds

  • Streamline return credits

    Streamline return credits from customers and to suppliers

Accurately forecast products

Accurately forecast products for the highest company growth.

Gain access to intelligent forecasting when you manage inventory and products on sku.io. Appropriate metrics are avaialble on every platform page, so you have quick access to crucial business metrics. Track multiple products and their performance over each quarter of the year. sku.io automatically shows peaks and troughs to detect significant selling (and underselling) patterns.
As a single source of truth, you can make smart business decisions moving forward about which products to invest in. This intelligent ERP becomes your business partner in e-commerce business growth with accurate data to support it.

Handle all purchasing in sku.io for a totally integrated platform.

Whether dropshipping, Just-In-Time delivery, or large stocking orders, sku.io manages all purchasing in 1 single platform. This saves tremendous time and operational costs from doing everything manually on separate systems. All your purchasing flows th rough the same ERP system as your sales, products, and everything involving e-commerce, for a totally integrated platform.

Purchase everything in SKU.io

Assembled Products and Bundling

Inventory can be kept as component, or assembled into a bundled product and vice versa. Or, you can keep a virtual bundled sku.io represnting a collection of components commonly sold together, but not inventory tracked.

Flexible assembly & disassembly of products.

sku.io helps you keep up the needs of sales channels. When they require products to come pre-assembled to be sold for Amazon FBA for example, we support the workflows optimally.

Seemless & flexible receiving

Receive all or one at a time through barcode scanning. Have visibility of which backordered sales orders are covered by each purchase order line received. Filter sales orders by the specific PO that released them so that you can get the goods out the door without even having to shelf them.

Endless order management across all warehouses. (1)

Seemlessly manage
Customer & Supplier Returns

Sales Credits

Sales Credits

When a sales credit has product line items, warehouses expect you to return them. sku.io manages this process and lets you convert returned good into stock, discarded, or added to stock as a blemished sku.io.

Purchase Credits

Purchase Credits

Similarly, you can track which goods have been returned to the vendor. It ensures you don’t miss refunds you are owed for goods returned.

Discover the possibilities of an optimized supply chain

Jumping on a 15-minute demo means watching a seamless supply chain unfold. Kalvin demonstrates sku.io’s capabilities for improving your company’s e-commerce efficiency and answers any questions you have.

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