The Vision of

To automate everything.

The holy grail of operations is to automate everything.

The holy grail recipe:
  • Have all data in one place as a single source of truth

  • Have a rules engine to make decisions from that data

  • Accurate accounting to help make financial decisions

  • Accurate profitability to pick the most profitable product to invest in

This is the power of having a centralized hub for operations. continuously iterates the reduction of your operational costs
  • Check

    AI for product sourcing. Automatically contact suppliers based on what products will be profitable

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    An automated way to get product data from new supplier sources to sales channel listings with little human intervention

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    Make automated purchasing decisions based on IRR (Internal Rate of Return) to fully maximize cash flow

You can see the possibilities that a well-designed operations platform can bring.

With Artificial Intelligence, making money becomes an arms race of who has the best data and the AI bots that can use them. Online selling may be transformed into people operating money-making machines that are constantly being tweaked and engineered for maximum profits.

We at will be constantly iterating our technology to join you in this exciting journey to the future.

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