Automate and process orders twice as fast

Manage and track all orders across every sales channel on a centralized hub.

It’s frustrating to resign to the same inefficient workflows, especially when they keep you from expansion.

Even with an ERP, your company can be stuck with tedious steps for managing multi-channel orders. Throwing money and employees at the problem didn’t help before your software update. And the platform you currently have doesn’t have what it takes either.

Kalvin Mizzi, our founder, had enough of inefficient order management. Things kept falling through the cracks until he realized a perfect order management system didn’t exist.

That’s why he created from the ground up.

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Seamlessly manage orders and optimize taxing workflows.

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    Manage all orders across multiple sales channels
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    Direct, 3PL, Amazon, and Dropship support
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    Automatic and manual order management
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    Process orders twice as fast
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    Advanced Order Routing for optimal fulfillment

The most efficient manual and automatic order management system on the market.

Using powerful automation, you can manage your business by exception with This means customer sales orders go from sales channel to your warehouse department without manual review.

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Manage picking, shipping, returns, dropshipping, invoicing, and more

Use Advanced Order Routing to automate fulfillment strategy for complex orders

Consolidate offline and online orders on 1 platform

The Story of SKU
Manual orders are just as easy to control for wholesale, phone, and point-of-sale environments.

Build manual sales orders quickly with our intuitive user interface.

Expand order management wherever your customers are at.

No matter what channel your orders come from, fulfills all of them.
You get the freedom to optimize order management workflows for lower operational costs and headaches. Then, expand further by integrating with whatever sales channels you’d like.

Current Integrations

Future Integrations (coming soon)

Future Integrations (coming soon)

<and more on the way/>

Handle immense order volumes from all your warehouses. creates order fulfillment workflows that make sense by connecting each warehouse to the platform. Rather than sacrifice operational costs and labor, you can manage orders under a synchronized system.

  • Direct


    By using one of our integrated shipping providers, you can automatically route direct warehouse orders straight to your account. The sales order then pushes tracking to the correct sales channel upon shipping.

  • 3PL

    3PL can also optimize order management workflows for warehouses you don’t own. When orders come in, the 3PL will receive the fulfillment order, and will receive tracking back once fulfilled.

  • Amazon

    Amazon MCF

    Pull real-time stock availability from Amazon FBA to fulfill orders whenever you need to via Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). The fulfillment order is submitted to Amazon and then is updated when the product ships.

  • Dropship


    You have limitless possibilities with strong dropship support. Submit a purchase order with your customer as the destination and have the PO connected to the sales order that generated it.

See efficient order img

See efficient order
workflows in action.

When you jump on a demo with our founder, he’ll demonstrate’s powerful platform. Imagine the possibilities of order management for your e-commerce business. He’ll be glad to answer questions about specific workflows too.

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