Effortless Backorder Handling for Just-In-Time E-Commerce Operations

Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Timely Fulfillments Powered by SKU.io
Increase Cash Flow with JIT inventory strategy
Decrease time to manage backorders and errors/over-ordering
Clarity and visibility of backorders and their release

Balancing Inventory without the Burden

We know that overstocking to prevent stockouts results in excessive inventory costs and reduced cash flow. A just-in-time delivery model solves this problem, but only if it's manageable.

That's where the challenge—and our solution—begins.

Simplifying Complex Processes

Manual backorder management is not only time-consuming but prone to errors, often leading to delayed customer shipments. Your time is valuable and should be focused on growing your business, not getting tangled in the complexities of backorder management.

This realization is at the heart of what we do.

Backorder queue

Automating for Accuracy and Efficiency

SKU.io automates the backorder management process, cutting through the confusion and bringing precision where it's needed most. Our platform transforms a traditionally cumbersome task into a streamlined, error-free operation.

Ensuring Operational Harmony

Without insight into backorder coverages, businesses face increased management time and the risk of duplicating orders, complicating operations even further. This isn't just about managing inventory; it's about managing your business with efficiency and foresight.


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Clarity Meets Convenience with SKU.io

SKU.io shines by offering unmatched clarity on backorder coverages—eliminating guesswork, reducing management overhead, and preventing order duplication. We empower you to streamline your workflow and dedicate more time to what matters most: satisfying your customers and growing your business.

Powerful Features
Designed for Just In Time Delivery

JIT flow in sku

Sales Order maintains the backorder history and tracks the inventory events generated
Sales Orders filter by purchase order releases
Released items can be reallocated to a different backorder

Backorder Coverage Visibility

Gain instant access to which purchase orders cover specific backorders and vice versa, including ETAs, to enhance planning and customer communication.

Backorder Release History

Track positive inventory events that have resolved backorders, providing a transparent audit trail for better inventory control.

Backorder Release Management

Manage backorder fulfillment with a FIFO system, customizable release queues, and supplier selection for unmatched flexibility.

After-Release Re-allocation

Optimize inventory by reallocating released backorders to different priorities, ensuring efficient use of stock.

Sales Order Filtering by Backorder Status

Filter sales orders to focus on those with backorders, including the ability to see orders fulfillable by incoming inventory, for proactive order management. Notably, identify orders that can be fulfilled directly by incoming inventory—enabling you to commit to customer satisfaction by processing shipments even before stock hits your warehouse shelves. This feature streamlines proactive order management, turning potential delays into timely deliveries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When we use the term backorder, we mean a sales order line that is not fulfillable based on available stock at the time of the sale. A backorder gets covered by a purchase order, and released by a positive inventory event (most likely a purchase order receipt).

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