Optimize your e-commerce operations and enjoy more profits

Built for the tech-savvy seller who has yet to be satisfied with a multi-channel operations platform

The Holy Grail of Operations

sku.io continuously iterates the reduction of your operational costs
  • Integrate operations

    Integrate operations

    All operations and data run through the sku.io platform. Either automatically through API integrations or smart import. sku.io is the single source of truth

  • Smart

    Automate and save money

    Operational data is used as the ingredients for automated if-then rules or smart decision-making, significantly reducing your operational costs

What makes sku.io great…



We care about design

Our software looks great and our workflows make sense.

Deep Integrations-photo

Deep Integrations

We integrate deeply with 3rd parties

Our goal is to utilize the full API of third parties so that you can manage as much as possible from the sku.io platform.

True Profit-photo

True Profit

Know your true product profit

Associate any variable cost to products, pro-rated how you choose. Get the true profitability of your products after variable cost allocation.



Manage your business by exception

Skubots help you automate with custom if-then logic. Manage your business by exception by automating most of your decision-making.



Manage your business by exception

Skubots help you automate with custom if-then logic. Manage your business by exception by automating most of your decision-making.



Accurate accounting

All top-line accounting transactions can originate in sku.io. Your profit in sku.io will match your accounting software. No more confusion as to how much money you are making.

Ticket Support

Open API

Suitable for custom needs

We got scared of migrating to operations platforms and getting pigeon-holed into their system. We opened our API with 600+ API calls and counting. We have a PHP SDK ready for you to get started. sku.io is your robust operational core. Build what you need without having to wait on third-party software.

We got tired of ERPs that didn't understand us as a Seller. That's why we created sku.io

Our founder took over his brother's e-commerce company over a decade ago and needed an intelligent platform that could handle it. Trying every ERP on the market, he found they always came up short in multiple core functions:

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    Didn't optimize daily workflows
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    Poor or non-existent accounting
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    Unappealing user interface
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    Poor or non-existent international support
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    Lacked sufficient dropship support
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    Poor or non-existent API

He discovered there was no single source of truth he could trust for his multi-channel e-commerce operation. And these led to e-commerce operations problems that made adopting the software a show stopper:

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    Hiring more people
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    Higher operational costs
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    More frustration
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    Things fall through the cracks
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    Needing other SaaS products to fill in the gaps
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    Can't make smart accounting decisions

Solve real e-commerce problems

Our founder will demonstrate solutions to the issues your company has struggled with for years.

An operations platform that solves real problems for multi-channel e-commerce retailers.

  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management
  • Product Information Management
    Product Information Management
  • Sales Channel Management
    Sales Channel Management
  • Order Management
    Order Management
  • Order Management
    Order Management
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Management
    Supply Chain Management
  • Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence
  • Strong Developer Support
    Strong Developer Support

 Current Integrations

Future Integrations (coming soon)

<and more on the way/>

Join a 15-Minute Call with the Founder

Unlike other platforms, our founder walks you through sku.io personally. He's an industry expert who understands your struggles as a sophisticated e-commerce seller. As the founder and coder, you'll get a rare, integrated experience with the demo.


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